Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Another Hot Day

Well, it is another hot day. I did the cycling class this morning and even with air conditioning and fans it was hot and humid. I am always soaking wet by the end of class. Tonight I hope to ride with the Tuesday night group, even though there is a heat advisory through 7 pm tomorrow night. Water will be a necessity. I just hope that we don't go too far or too fast.

The Tour of Germany has started and I missed the finish of the prologue since I had an off-campus appointment. Vladimir Gusev won for Discovery. The team is actually doing pretty well this year except for the Tour. Fortunately it is on cycling.tv, so I can see it, rather than listening on Eurosport (also an option).

I am still waiting for the boredom to end at work. I am not feeling very motivated to read the book on Aberdeen, although I have gotten through the first section. I have started Wendy Wasserstein's Elements of Style, which may be a little too New York for me. Today Alan Bennett's "The History Boys," arrived in campus mail. I suspect I will like that better. It may also be something to think about using if I ever teach history of education classes again.

Just had a chat with an advisor in engineering. They dropped a student who needs to transfer into LAS History. Now he has lost all of his courses and is essentially no longer a student. They hoped I could fix it, but the departments have nothing to do with intercollegiate transfer. I had him in my history class last semester, so I actually know him. I feel sorry for him, but all I could suggest was that she contact our college and see if they would be flexible about deadlines.

Guess I will try to get a little reading done.

Haven't done any reading. Peter did come over with boxes this afternoon. They need to be taped, but I think I have enough to finish the job. Borders turned out to be the best place to go. They had lots of boxes.

I heard on the radio this afternoon that Debbie Day retired yesterday! Yet another person I know who has retired before me. I realize that Debbie and Zarina are older than I am, but the retirements were unexpected, probably because they haven't been talking about it (or dreaming about it) for as long as I have. But I really didn't think Debbie would retire. She seemed almost wedded to her job at WILL. Certainly she didn't seem to dislike it, which is more and more my feeling every day. On the other hand, the hours, especially during fund drives, must have been almost overwhelming. Everyone always seems really tired when I go over to answer phones or coach.

Still very hot, but I will try the ride tonight anyway. There is a tropical storm brewing in the Caribbean, so now I have something to monitor besides cycling.

Tomorrow the new cleaners come. I hope they work out. The house really needs to be cleaned, and obviously we aren't doing it.

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