Sunday, February 17, 2008

End of Day

Posting e-mails works pretty well except for the line breaks. Still, I am posting more now that I have the ability to post that way.

The concert was very nice. I hadn't been to the Salon series before. The whole thing is up on the stage--performers and audience, except for the cheap seats in the balcony where they didn't get champagne and hors d'oeuvre. The three string quartets were nicely played. Personally it is not my favorite form and the Beethoven was both too familiar and I'm not a big Beethoven fan. The Debussy was nice in its Debussy way. The Haydn was the best from my point of view since it was the earliest and I generally like Haydn.

After dropping Peter off at home I went to Ladies' Night at Body 'n Sole. It was ok but not really my scene. I did get free socks and a water bottle (yes, another water bottle). I also finally found some knickers for the gym. I can wear them tomorrow. Then I went off to Panera for the PCC board meeting. Sue is probably not going to get the Speed 7. She's thinking about the Speed 8 as an alternative. She didn't have as good a ride as she had hoped and she thinks that going up a level might make sense. I will certainly want to try out the Vitesse before I commit to it.

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