Monday, October 13, 2008


Lots of stuff going on. I did try to blog yesterday but it didn't work out. I am hoping that the Iphone thing will become more reliable. The app I used said it uploaded what I wrote, but it didn't, and there was no way to resend.

Yesterday I met Alex Sapoznik for breakfast. I think that the doctoral program is stressing her out, but that is what happens for most people. At least they like her at Cambridge and her advisor, even if he is going to be away for the year, seems supportive. She is giving conference papers and getting to know the right people in her field.

Anyway, we have gotten the confirmation and the flight information for the cruise, so we can just look forward to that. I am really looking forward to seeing Bruges and Strasbourg. They have been on my list of things to see. Peter is really looking forward to Colmar. I think we should have a good time.

The weather has been warm and a little damp for me but it will be getting rainy and cold again, probably starting tomorrow.

On Saturday we saw Salome. Well, it was well done but I wouldn't want to see it again. Yesterday I found a new channel (at least for us) called Ovation, so we watched Cosi Fan Tutti and Peter saw The Death of Klinghoffer. A lot of opera this weekend. I also did the end of season ride yesterday, which was fun. I haven't been out on my bike enough this year.

Today was bread day. I mixed up some challah and pumpernickel based on Jeff Hertzberg's recipes and I am also trying the whole grain version of Mark Bittman's new take on Jim Lahey's bread. So we should have some homemade bread for the next week or so. Tonight I will try out the kale and bean soup I made the other day. I have felt more like cooking lately, which is probably a good thing.

Tomorrow I take Isolde in to have her stitches out and I hope find out what caused the bumps she had removed. She seems ok right now but she takes longer to recover from the chemo every time we give it to her. I need to talk to the vet about that.

Peter starts a more targeted radiation tomorrow. He got new tattoos today, which he said was a painful procedure. We will both be glad when this part of the treatment is over.

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