Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trying Out New App

This is yet another app to try to post to my blog. We shall see how it goes.

The bad thing this month has been the death of Isolde last Friday. We both miss her a lot. I had thought we might decide not to get more cats when we get back but I think it will actually be high on our to-do list.

Today I did the Urbana Park District Turkey Trot. I ran into a friend so we did it together. I saw lots of people, some I hadn't seen in years. The weather was great for a change too.

Tonight we are having a quiet dinner at Milo's.

We both feel ready for a change of scene so we can't wait for the trip. In the meantime Peter is composing and I have been working on my lecture. But I think I might want to try novel writing again.

I am reading The Private Patient, P. D. James' newest. Then I want to read this book I got on Bruges before we go as well as getting some knitting done. Tomorrow I will get a set of size 1 sock needles for a new project. I would like to get the scarf and gloves done before we leave.

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