Sunday, December 28, 2008

Antwerp Dec 27

Antwerp, Belgium December 27, 2008

Today is our last day on the cruise. We spent the morning in Antwerp walking around the historic section to see the Butchers' Guild Building, the Cathedral of Our Lady, and the Art Museum. While Ruebens may be the main attraction both at the cathedral and the museum, I spent my time admiring the gothic architecture rather than the Baroque interior and the Flemish masters at the museum. There were some great Van Der Wydens. I bought a postcard of this portrait of Philippe de Croy, who was part of the family of advisors to the dukes of Burgundy.

We had the light lunch and then worked a bit on packing as well as using the last of our Internet time. Then we sat in the lounge enjoying the restfulness of not doing much. Unfortunately they switched the music to rap, which was quite unpleasant. I managed to drop a bunch of stitches on the scarf but, with the aid of a swizzle stick I managed to fix it rather than having to rip the whole thing apart yet again.

We had the Captain's Dinner, complete with a procession of Baked Alaskas with sparklers. Then we went to the lounge where we said goodbye to John and Judy, Pidge and Pete, Eleanor and Frank, and Sandra and Michael over a farewell Kir. Then it was time to pack (everything fit surprisingly) and went to bed.


  1. Hi there, my name is Janice and I ran across your blog doing a Google search on blog entries about the Inauguration. Loved checking out your cruise entries. Antwerp is lovely isn't it? My husband and I were there in 2004 when our family in the Netherlands took us. BTW: Antwerp is in Belgium. And did anyone tell you why the windows are covered with steal bars? Apparently Antwerp is a huge party town and well, they get a little rowdy around there so...
    Anyway, hi from a fellow traveler and history buff.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I actually knew I was in Belgium but I was trying to do some revisions to fix my pictures and obvious mistyped. Thanks for the correction.

    I wasn't there long enough to party, but I do hope to get back.