Friday, March 27, 2009

My Demands on Society Public and Personal

I will release the hostages subject to the following conditions.

A return to civility
People have always been out for themselves but there have been times in history when people have understood that the common good was more important than individual wants and desires.

A social safety net
No one should starve or be denied adequate housing, clean water, health care or access to education

More money for the arts
Society needs art to bring people together and to appreciate the diversity of culture

More money for the humanities
The study of humanistic fields such as history and philosophy teaches us what it is to be human and how to understand our past in order to enhance our future

More money for education
An educated population is an informed and prosperous and productive population

A season of performances of the music of Peter Michalove including major new commissions
Because he deserves it

A three-book contract for Sharon Michalove for yet-to-be-written mysteries
Because then she might get them written

Publication of Sharon Michalove's book on Giles Daubeney
Because it has been sitting around far too long and no one else has published a study of him and he deserves one

Enough research money for Sharon Michalove to be able to take a research trip every year for as long as she is able to travel
Because otherwise she can't afford it and she still wants to pursue active research

Funding for Sharon and Peter Michalove to travel the entire Silk Road
Because it is one of their goals in life

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