Monday, March 23, 2009

Travel, Write, Cook a Little, Travel Some More

Live abroad for a year.
I never had the chance in college and I want the experience of really living in another culture rather than as a tourist.

Learn to speak French and Italian well.
Being monolingual is so limiting.

Publish a really good mystery novel.
I've wanted to be a mystery writer almost my whole life.

Write a significant history book.
I'm an historian.

Travel the Silk Road.
Why not?

Take a bike tour of Italy.
Biking, Italy, what else is there to say.

Study at the Culinary Institute of America
Being a professional chef was a dream I gave up to go to graduate school.

Learn to draw.
I had some informal lessons and I really liked them, so I would like the chance to take a summer and go to a month-long workshop on drawing and watercolor, preferably in England.

Spend a month in London every fall going to the theater.
London is one of my favorite cities and going to the theater is one of my favorite activities.

Take a world cruise.
I have reservations about traveling on big cruise ships but I would love to take a trip around the world, slowly.

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