Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frost/Nixon and Other Thoughts

Last night we watched "Frost/Nixon," a film we had planned to see but had never gotten to. But, since we have NetFlix, that isn't really a problem. So last night we decided to watch it.

As a historian I understand that eventually part of my life becomes history. Not that my life is interesting but that the times I live in become historical. Still, as a person you don't think of things that way. So seeing a film that is about an earlier time in your life is an eerie experience. Seeing parts of the Watergate hearings, the newscasters looking so much younger, the Nixon resignation, footage from the bombing of Cambodia (and thinking about sitting in the dorm, watching in the lounge when the invasion was announced) makes you talk about these things again, examine them, remember them in different ways. But we also talked about how accurate the film was. So today I did a search on the internet and found an article that talked about that very thing. The film was kind of, sort of historically accurate and yet misleading. It is Frost/Nixon: A Dishonorable Distortion of History.

Yesterday I had my allergy tests. I am still slightly allergic to dust, mold and corn pollen. Not a big surprise since I was allergic to those things 20 years ago. However I am now also slightly allergic to bananas, chocolate and wheat. That is worse. I have to modify my eating habits even more than I already have. When you enjoy food and you enjoy cooking, I guess you can see that as a challenge or as an obstacle. Right now, it is an obstacle. Maybe, if I feel creative some day, I can rise to the challenge, but right now I don't want to feel challenged. I wish I could afford a personal chef. But I can't. So what else is new.

Otherwise, much of my day was spent working on Italian. I don't know that I am really getting any better but I am getting better at working with the program. I suppose that is progress of a sort. I wrote a short piece on Bruges in 1475. Otherwise, not much was going on. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, will be more fun.

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