Saturday, May 09, 2009

Guess Who Wins (You Have to Read It to Find Out)

I used to love the start of the school year and the ritual buying of new pens and notebooks. In fact, my house is filled with pens and notebooks from years of buying them, long after I finished going to school.

Serious Novels

I collect journals and fountain pens. For years I really preferred paper and pen. Perhaps it was coming from one of the last generations where you were graded on penmanship in school. Or it might have been the fact that writing first drafts on typewriters just meant cutting and pasting and retyping in the very literal sense so it was easier to draft on paper. Besides, there was an aesthetic feel about nice paper and good pens when you were writing something important and something comforting about cheap, unlined yellow paper for first drafts.

But if you think this is about preferring paper, you are dead wrong. Now that we are in the computer age, I am a complete convert to the keyboard. I can barely read my own handwriting anymore. Goodbye Palmer method. Hello Garamond. It is the keyboard hands down for me. I still have all those journals and nice pens and paper all over the house. They are looking for a good home. Know any interested scriptoria?

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