Saturday, May 30, 2009

Working My Way Through My To-Do List

Too many things, too little time. I wish it was just books but it isn't as pleasant as that. As usual I have managed to commit myself to too many things and all my deadlines are rushing upon me at once. Not that the things I am doing or planning to do aren't fun. Many of them are. But the planning isn't always the fun part, especially travel planning. So today has been spent trying to get organized and put things together. I have kind of succeeded, although I am not ready to rest on my laurels.

I was able to get in a bike ride this morning and that was actually one of the things I needed to do to get ready for GITAP. I don't have nearly enough miles on the bike for a week-long ride that starts in two weeks. There will be another ride tomorrow but I will be visiting an old school friend in Chicago, so I won't be on my bike. I will also miss the Monday night ride because I said I would go to the OLLI annual meeting. Tuesday night will be my next chance to ride again. Although looking at the forecast, it now looks as if it might rain on Monday night anyway.

One thing I haven't gotten back to today is Italian and that means it may not get done since I am hoping to watch "Charlie Wilson's War" tonight. On the other hand, we could watch it tomorrow night if I am not totally exhausted after driving home from Chicago. Blogging is on my list, but that is what I am doing right now. Paperwork is also on my list and I have started that and could work on it while watching a movie. That is one sort of multitasking I can do. Foreign language and anything else don't work together.

I have various sorts of reading to do. I have library books, although in the end they can go back unread. I also have some reading for a program called Velosophie, that is for the bike ride. That I have to do but I can do it over the next two weeks. But I do need to get started. I have begun contacting people about bike stuff and European trip stuff.

I am hoping to hear from my cat sitter since the phone number she gave me doesn't seem to work and she said she would come by Monday afternoon. If she doesn't, then I will start to seriously worry about what to do about the cats while we are away. I don't want to panic just yet but panic is being held in reserve.

There are still more bike rides to come and friends to see and volunteer opportunities to fulfill in the next couple of weeks plus packing. I have printed out some paperwork for the European trip and found out that there is bus service from the Treviso airport to the Piazzale Roma in Venice, something that Ryanair didn't have on its website. But now I know and I know the bus schedule and the cost. Now that I have that information I have e-mailed the apartment people about our travel arrangements.

I have preordered the Charles the Bold exhibit catalog from Amazon so I don't have to carry it around Europe. And I have contacted my friend Laura so we can try to get together for a drink while I am in Venice. I am determined to have a good time there, even if I don't end up learning much Italian. But I have e-mailed the school to confirm about the classes too.

The replacement clamp for the bike signaling system evidently is not going to come any time soon so the guy I ordered it from told me to just send the whole thing back and he will refund the money. It is too bad since it is a great idea, but in the end it is expensive if it isn't going to stay on the bike. So that is another thing I have to do this week--pack it up and mail it off.

So now I guess I need to put some new stuff on the list to replace the things I was able to delete ...

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