Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Week

Have you ever felt as if your house was conspiring against you? As if everything that could go wrong would go wrong? When I read Michelle Slatalla's column in the Style section of The New York Times on Thursday, where she writes about this, I felt a sense of fellowship. After arriving, tired and aching, from GITAP last Saturday, I longed for a week of recovery, while I got ready for our trip to Europe, with perhaps a couple of nice bike rides.

That is not how my week has gone. I haven't had bike ride this week. Instead the week has been one of deal with crises. Fortunately some of her issues, like having the washing machine die, happened in April, so I didn't have to deal with it this week. We replaced the lawnmower then too. But we did have other things happen. First we had to retrieve one of our cats from the Humane Society. We had had a problem with one of our cats using the bed as a litter box. As it turned out, the wrong cat was returned to the Humane Society. So, we took the offender to the vet, he had tests (negative), a suggestion about what to do (feed him at night, which seems to have worked), and with some begging and paying the fee over again the nonoffending cat is now home. Interestingly the two cats are getting along as if nothing ever happened. Obviously these two were meant to live together.

We also had the hottest weather of the summer so far with day after day in the 90s. So of course we discovered our at least 30-year-old air conditioner was no longer functioning. Not surprisingly everyone wanted air conditioning work done. Fortunately we are having a new air conditioner put in today (Saturday) since originally we were told it would have to be done while we were away, which would have been unfortunate.

The big storm that hit Champaign on the Friday night that I was gone knocked out the local channel satellite so we had to have DirecTV out. They replaced the whole satellite system with a new one on Thursday but until then we did not have local channels, which meant that I missed Mystery on WILL. They told me they would not have to replace our DVR but unfortunately they did replace it, which meant I lost everything I had recorded but not watched. Oh well ...

We also had to have someone out to fix our front door, we will have to have the kitchen light replaced when we come back and probably the faucet in the upstairs bathroom as well as having one of the bedroom windows fixed, and a piece of guttering just fell off the house. I am trying to ignore these things at the moment. As long as the cats are ok while we are gone, the house sitter can get in and out, and nothing terrible happens, I will be happy.

The good news is that things seem to be coming together for the trip, although the boarding passes for Ryan Air are incorrect. I have stapled the correct information to them and I hope that will be ok. But the apartment stuff for Venice seems to all right. Unfortunately seeing friends is not working out so well but I hope we will get to see a few people. Ironically Claudio, who lives in Verona, will be in Champaign when we are in Venice. The only weekend we are free, John will be in Milano and Parma. I hope we will get to see Shaul and Susy and Laura.

This afternoon I am ushering for "The Mystery of Irma Vepp" at Krannert. On Thursday night I ushered for "Tuesdays with Morrie" and it seemed as if I knew half of the audience. Peter was able to get a ticket even though the play was supposedly sold out so he went with me. My packing list is pretty much complete and I just need to start putting things in my suitcase. Yesterday afternoon we saw "Easy Virtue." When we get back I will see the new Harry Potter movie and we hope that the new Woody Allen movie might still be around. If not, there is always Netflix. The play on Thursday and the movie yesterday, as well as time spent in the Champaign Public Library were ways of beating the heat while we waited for air conditioning.

I just hope our house is in a better mood when we get back.

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