Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adria to Alberella

The Po was very low and we had to start late. We had an hour and a half of sailing before we could start riding and before we could do that we needed to wait for the water to rise enough to be able to move away from the shore and out into the channel. When we finally got started, we were doing what Peter came on this trip for, enjoying barging on the river! It was wonderful to just sit and watch the river go by.

After an hour and a half we got to our destination and got the bikes off the Vita Pugna. Most of the ride was on pretty nice roads without too many cars and motorbikes but we had a few busy roads and one 2 km stretch of unpaved gravel road that was quite unpleasant. We had to ride it twice.

We stopped once for coffee and snacks and once for lunch. Most people also went to the beach but Peter, Birgit and I stayed at the bar and chatted instead. We got to Porto Levante at 4:45 and had to take a small boat over to the island with our bikes. It took two trips. We had trouble finding the guy and his boat and rode back and forth on the main road looking for him until Helmut finally called him. I took some puctues while we were waiting.

It was a hot day, especially since we didn't start riding until 10:30. I am having a lot of of pain from the saddle and there is nothing I can do about it. I may have to take some time off riding after we get home to heal. I always have some problems but since these saddles don't have a cut-out in front it got bad much more quickly. Not that I will give up riding on this trip. I just keep standing up as often as I can.

Peter was happy that there were no incidents or scary moments today, his measurements of a successful ride. For dinner we had some kind of chicken and green beans in a coconut milk sauce. I have enjoyed the Italian dishes more. Then we sat outside until the Mosquitos suddenly swooped down and drove us in.

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