Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Promising Start?

July 8, 2009

Today I actually started thinking in Italian. Not all the time or great thoughts, but a sentence here and there. That's some progress over the constant thinking in English and French. Maybe it will take hold as we go along. I can hope anyway.

After class today we did our usual stuff and found out that a group of us from the NEH institute last year will all be in Venice and will get together for dinner next Tuesday. Just after that we actually ran into one of the people involved in the program. Then we went off for a tour of Ca' Foscari, which is the University of Venice and saw the main historic buildings which are near Ca' Rezzonico, a palazzo that is now a museum and also quite close to where we are living so we ended the tour proactically in Campo San Toma. We were also able get to a close-up view of "Sub-Tiziano," one of the auxiliary exhibitions of the Biennale. I have been looking at it every time we go by on the vaporetto so it was nice to see it close up. (there will be a picture here eventually)

It is still hot in the apartment even though it has cooled off outside but after our Bruges experience we are not leaving the windows open! So we are studying in front of the fan.

No other news today.

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