Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where Have I Been and What Have I Done

I feel as if life has been nonstop, even though all I do is run around Champaign-Urbana. I have been cycling and having lunch and coffee with friends, working out, volunteering, and doing the usual errands. Not an exciting life, but that and getting a new computer, and trying to make all the networking in the house work again has been the challenge of the last couple of weeks. I still haven't added the pictures to the blogs of the trip.

Trip planning is sort of going on as well. Peter and I are both planning to go to our 40th high school reunions so there is some planning for a trip to Glenview in October and to Greensboro in November besides the trip to Las Vegas in October and the trip to Philadelphia in November. And, since I have to give a paper in Venice in April, we are now thinking about going to Turkey after that. I love traveling but I am really getting tired of trip planning.

The new Mac is great but taking it on trips is not going to work, so I am already thinking about a second computer. I had thought about getting netbook and the idea of a Mac tablet, if that happens, might still be on the table, but I am leaning toward a Macbook Air. I can't believe, having just bought a new laptop, that I am thinking about another one so soon. Two in a couple of months seems like an obscene luxure. But it will probably happen since I have saved up practically all the money for it. I do need to buy books but the computer will eat up the book budget and I will have to start saving all over again. I have no place for books anyway and the basement is proving to be a disaster for the books that are already there. Some of them got wet while we were gone and I am worried that they may not be salvageable. There weren't too many but they were expensive and I don't think I can replace them.

So now I need to think about my priorities, which need to be research and writing, not gaming, which has begun to take over my life. I want to spend time with friends, catch up on books and movies, and ride as much as possible. My shoulder has been bothering me so I need to be a bit careful about that. I blame the riding but I think it is probably too much time on the computer. I also need to spend a little time playing around with wheat-free baking, especially once the weather cools down again.

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