Wednesday, February 22, 2006


While I should be focusing on my course on polar exploration or at least taking more interest in writing about fifteenth-century crusading (or lack thereof) or even in revising the fall class schedule for the department, my main passion right now is the Tour of California. I only heard this morning that George Hincapie had won the second stage and I hope, when I get home and see the ESPN broadcast, that they run it on time and I don't lose the end of the race, which is what happened with stage 1.

Now if I can only get some time (and warm enough weather) to get back on my bike and do a little riding. As a novice rider at an advanced age, I really need some more practice to get comfortable with my balance, starting, and stopping.

In the meantime, the class planned for Padua seems to be coming along pretty well. I am hoping to hear more about students and excursions soon.

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