Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Day at the Races

Another exciting finish at the Tour of Germany. Jens Voigt of CSC won the stage in a late breakaway that was almost caught at the end. He is really an amazing rider. Unfortunately the interview after the race was in German since has to use the German TV feed and Peter wasn't here to translate.

The weather here is a bit cooler and overcast but it is not a great improvement. We are supposed to get more rain later but the promised cool off is not as cool as originally forecast. We could have some severe storms, which would be bad since Leonore seems to get very upset with them.

I was not terribly impressed with the cleaners and there is still dust and cat hair. When we have to clean up after them, that is not a good sign. Peter was supposed to call today and tell them what we thought. I said to tell them that I would give them one more try. If I am not any happier, I guess we will look for someone else. I just hate the idea of spending even more money.

Sleeping last night was almost impossible. I can't remember being in so much pain. I finally had to use an ice pack, soothing music, and extra pain killers to get any sleep at all. Of course I am exhausted now, especially after cycling this morning. I have to decide whether I want to ride my bike tonight, go to a book club meeting, or just stay home and vegetate.

I am starting to wonder if Pilates is the problem. Yesterday was the second session and I don't know if the extra pain ties in or not. I tried some of the tightening exercises this morning and they seemed to aggravate the pain in just the areas that are most intractable. At least yoga starts again soon and I seem to do better with that. Still, I need to strengthen my core before surgery. I saw Betty today and she is up and around and at the gym (although just walking) a week after her surgery. Since she had a different method, the recovery time is faster. Still, I was impressed. I hope I can do half as well in January.

Peter will pick me (and boxes) up this afternoon.

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