Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Rides

Yesterday I went on my longest ride yet, with the level two riders. I didn't have any idea how much of a disadvantage I would have with a hybrid, but riding faster and climbing hills (admittedly small hills; we are in central Illinois after all) took a lot of energy. We went about 26 miles. On Saturday we did a shorter ride, level one, to Philo. So I have now done five rides with the club, and I plan to do the level one ride tonight. The weather doesn't look promising, but supposedly we aren't having rain until after midnight. I don't think I am ready to ride in the rain. With a northeast wind, we will probably do the beginning of the Mahomet ride we did last night. At least that is what Sue seemed to think and she is leading the ride.

Peggy and I are going to the Race to Replace in Indianapolis on Saturday. She is willing to drive, since I can't drive that far. I also signed up for the CU Across the Prairie ride on August 26 at Lake of the Woods.

I am already thinking about eventually getting a road bike, especially if I want to do the level 2/3 rides in the future. In the meantime I can think about thinner tires for my bike (which I really like). The Trek Pilot looks like a good possibility, although the cost is pretty high. We will have to see how we are doing financially next spring. Peter may not like the idea of my getting a second bike when he still hasn't committed to getting a bike at all.

The lawn mower finally arrived and Peter got it home. It takes up a little less space in the garage and doesn't need to be plugged in all of the time. He said it was already fully charged. So now we have junk out on our curb, hoping someone will take it away.

Jens Voigt won not only the mountain stage yesterday but the time trial today. This is definitely his year. He is in the yellow jersey and I doubt he will lose it on the last stage.

Had to reset all the banking stuff today. I just hope I can remember the answers to the three questions, my new pin, etc. I also have to show Peter how to get into the system. Then he will probably want to know about the check that I wrote for bike shorts. Being constantly accountable is really very difficult. It just adds to my guilt feelings about everything. But if I tell him that, he will probably tell me I am making him feel bad. Psychologically we may be too good a match!

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