Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday: A Race Day

Well, I haven't been as good as I had hoped since I am not blogging every day. Not that a lot has been happening. My knee is still bothering me from the fall last Tuesday. Evidently a lot of nerve endings are exposed with road rash and the fact that I keep scraping the same place probably makes it worse. I did get my knee pads but I just didn't feel I could ride yesterday. I am hoping that I can get out tomorrow night.

Today I am going to hear Michael Roizen about "Real Age." Don't know that I will bother to get any of the books but the free talk may be interesting.

I spent some time yesterday at Needleworks. I got some work done on one of the many pairs of socks that I have started. Maybe I will have more knitting time today. But at the moment I am watching Liege-Bastogne-Liege on and I have the newspapers to read.

Since seeing the film "Amazing Grace," I have been doing some background reading. The biography of Equiano was pretty good but there was a lot of literary analysis (not surprising since the author is a professor of English). Now I am reading Amazing Grace and it is a little too breezy for me. As I expected, there is a lot of stress on Wilberforce's religious awaking, etc. but I had hoped for something a little more scholarly. I have another one requested from the library but I don't know that I will bother. In any case, if it doesn't come soon, I will be off to Italy.

Ok, I have now seen Liege-Bastogne-Liege. DeLuca really wanted the win, and he got it. Discovery is just not doing it in the spring classics. They are much better in the stage races.

Michael Roizen was very entertaining. I think I will try to spend some time on the RealAge website for more information. I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds and improve my eating habits. I am not sure that I can become more of a vegetarian but I can try for more meatless meals.

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