Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Day Not Riding

Today I managed to not ride twice. I seem to have found the last fall has shaken my nerve. I did actually get on my bike yesterday and rode almost a mile. Not a great accomplishment. This morning I was going to do the morning ride, even though I was mostly watching the bike racing. Just as I thought I might, just might, change and go out, Sue stopped by with the printed newsletters. This gave me the excuse of not riding because I didn't have time to get there by the time she left. Tonight I let the small possibility of rain and the fact that it is overcast keep me off the bike. I really have to get over this and start riding again. Riding makes me happy, so I should do it. It isn't as if I broke a bone, shattered my knee or anything like that. Scrapes and bruises should not make me so reluctant to get back on. I seem to have lost my nerve and I need to get it back. Assuming the weather is ok on Saturday, I will do the ride.

I did get the newsletter out and stopped by the bike shop and ordered some biking sandals. Biking stuff seems to be ok, it's the riding that's the problem.

Mostly I am reading mysteries. Tonight, I am watching tv. Right now it's a program about medieval Islamic engineering and then "House." Maybe I will get some knitting done too.

I will do a cycling class in the morning. Tomorrow is the second day of the Tour of Romandie so I will watch that. Then I am having lunch with Karen Carney, followed by another massage. At least the massages are helping the chronic pain.

What a whiny entry. I will try to be more positive in my next post.

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