Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Is Here

October has been a roller coaster in terms of weather.  We had record heat last week and now we are cold.  I resented turning the air conditioner on so late in the year and now we have the heat on!  I can think of better things to do with my money than give more of it to the power company.

I've gotten a fair amount of cycling in and now Gattamelata is enroute to Asheville for the upcoming bike camp.  I rode the hybrid yesterday.  It is big and heavy and wearing cycling shoes (forgot I didn't need them) with clips was a pain.  Still, I had forgotten the smooth ride and the feeling of security while riding it.  Unfortunately I also had a slow leak in my back tire and we hung around Homer Lake for a while so that Rich and Cliff could change the tube.  My tires fit very tightly to the rim so getting them on and off is difficult. The education center was open so we had a warm place to duck into and bathrooms so people could wash their hands. This is the second tire incident this month. I hope riding goes better today, especially since I don't have another spare tube for this bike.  The weather is also not looking as nice as I had hoped but perhaps it will clear up by 3 pm.

We've been seeing movies (most recently "Michael Clayton" and "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"), saw the Parkland Theater production of "To Kill a Mockingbird," and have tickets for the Georgian State Dancers when we get back from Asheville.  We are definitely going out more now that we are retired.

We watched "49 Up" and it was as engrossing as the earlier ones had been.  It is fascinating to see the relationship of the participants over the years with the filmmaker and their own ambivalence about doing the programs.  On the other hand, "The Writing Code" was a disappointment.  Too much skimming the surface and jumping around. Perhaps if we had seen the first one it would have made a difference.  

Today is Paris-Tours, one of the last races on the calendar for this year. Next year my allegiance will be split between a rider (George Hincapie) and a new team (Team Slipstream).

I hope to get Peter to get up early enough to go out for breakfast.  Then again, I may just read The News-Gazette and The New York Times and call it a morning.

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