Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A New Month Has Arrived

Ok, this is my month.  My birthday is coming up, I love fall, and I claim October.

Yesterday I went on a 41-mile ride from Hessel Park south past Philo, and then looped back through Philo with lunch at the Philo Tavern with Steve, Jay, and Mike.  Ed and Cliff went back and Steve and I, after overshooting our turn, got back a little before 2:30 so no yoga for me.  The winds were high and the crosswinds seemed worse than the headwind so I was exhausted. And with all that, I still didn't sleep well.  At least it isn't hot flashes any more, just the usual waking up, falling back to sleep, waking up routine.

Today is walk and bike to school day and I am watching parents and children walking to school.  This is an initiative to get children to develop healthier habits.  I would like to have seen some bikes, but McKinley is a busy street this time of day so that might have been problematic.

I decided not to go to the gym this morning which was probably wise because with the changing temperatures I developed a bit of a sinus/migraine headache.

Mom is definitely not doing that well.  I called her after Aunt Ellyn visited her and she didn't remember at all.  I even checked with Aunt Ellyn, just in case something had come up and she hadn't been able to get there. I guess I will have to talk with Mark and Kathleen when we are out there next month if not before.

Now I need to drink coffee, eat breakfast and run errands.  I have the next installment of Flush to read at the Illinois Radio Reader and massage with Bette this afternoon.

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