Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yet another month wizzes by

Well, it is almost the end of the year and I haven't kept up with my posting. I have been doing stuff although not much bike riding except in the gym. I did do the first indoor time trial at Champaign Cycle--6.2 miles in 19.59 minutes. I hope to improve on that with the other two. The horrible picture is me with Gattamelata after the time trial in my nifty Discovery Green Tour de France kit.

Assuming everything is cleared with the university, I will do some advising for Sociology in the spring. I am trying to keep it from interfering with the other stuff that I want to do in retirement. I have been learning to create Powerpoint presentations and I have the first class for the OLLIE course on polar exploration ready to test.

I will be taking IFLIP Introductory Italian from Jan. 2-11 and I am hoping that will give me enough of a start to do Intermediate Italian in May.

Otherwise I am enjoying DVDs from Netflix and doing some reading. I sent in my application for the NEH summer institute and now I need to wait and see what happens.

We are going to Rich and Teresa's house for Christmas. It will be a short trip, but fun, I hope.

I was written up in Inside Illinois, the university's faculty-staff newspaper and lots of people seem to have seen it. It has another awful picture of me but the article is nice, even though my years of service at U of I were misstated (I have 30 years, not 22). Here is the link.

I hope to post more in the new year.

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