Friday, February 15, 2008

Two in a Row

I can't believe I am blogging for the second day in a row. However, I am a bit puzzled as to why all my information is wrong and I can't seem to actually blog from my IPhone, which should actually work. So here I am blogging from the Dell in the Sociology office that I am currently squatting in. It is before I actually start work, so no conflict there.

I called my brother this morning to make sure that Ali was ok after the shootings at NIU yesterday. Fortunately she was not in that building at the time and the campus locked down very effectively. So all of that is a relief.

Today is a much better day. The sun is shining and even though it is cold I was not freezing walking around campus or even waiting for the bus. I forgot my lunch, the WIFI in Lincoln Hall is not working, and I still am not as stressed out as I was yesterday. Peter had an uncomfortable day at the urologist's office but he is doing better today. I am still coughing but even that isn't a big worry. Walking around not carrying my briefcase with my computer and lots of books was really nice. Carrying around a lot of heavy things does not make me happy.

Tonight the Couch Potatoes go to Manzella's. Last night the preboard dinner for the PCC was at Papa George. Tomorrow we are going to see Definitely, Maybe and have dinner at Shanghai 1938. Sunday is the Modigliani Quartet (I usher, Peter has a ticket) and then the Body 'n Soul Ladies' Night and then the PCC board meeting. Busy, busy, busy.

Finished Karen Armstrong's biography of Mohammed, which was very interesting. Now I am reading a mystery with Oscar Wilde as the detective. That should be enjoyable. I need to get back to sock knitting since I have a couple of projects to do. I want to get on my bike but the cold and wind are keeping me from doing that. I am a wimp.

I hope that by the time I get home the siding will be fixed and the cost will be minimal.

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