Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I can't believe that it is already Valentine's Day and I haven't posted since the beginning of January. Life just moves on and I don't seem to have as much control as I would like.

I have started working at Sociology. It is ok but I would rather be really retired. I enjoyed being really retired. And I can't wait to enjoy the freedom again. If this was about money, I would be more willing to put up with the aggravation of losing time, but money is not an issue so the time thing is definitely the issue.

At least the Morocco trip is coming up soon. I would also like to be out on my bike but it is just too cold and windy. I did make the effort on Saturday but the round trip to the bike shop was almost too much. It didn't help that I thought it would be warmer than it was and I didn't wear a balaclava or zip up my coat (I did the latter for the trip home).

The Polar Exploration class is going ok although it is a very small class. The Spurlock Museum will work, so that is a relief.

Otherwise, going to Krannert, going to meetings, going to work, reading--that's pretty much my life right now. I did get an IPhone for Valentine's Day and I love it. I can blog with it, so maybe I will blog more often. The only bad thing is that it can't be unlocked. Maybe one of these days we will be like the EU and I won't have a locked phone!

I can't wait until April so I can hear about whether I have been accepted for the NEH program in Venice. On the other hand, if the news is bad ...

Happy Valentine's Day to Peter, Isolde, and Leonore.

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