Friday, March 28, 2008

Bored, Bored, Bored

Here I am, sitting in the advising office, waiting for a student. I don't have much to do when there aren't any students. Since registration starts next week, I would have expected more people to come in this week. But now it is Friday and that is usually a slow day for advising. Students have other things to do.

I have been busy since we got home late Sunday night from Morocco. Lots of fixing to do. The garage door open died on Wednesday so we got a new one installed. Fortunately I found someone who could do it the same morning. We got the new hub cap. Doctors' appointments are scheduled for next week. Now I am just planning how to pay for all the stuff that may be arriving in the next month or so. The Sidi shoes still haven't shown up. Scott is ordering a Thistle jersey for me. The Dahon Vitesse will presumably show up in April or early May. I started looking at other models today, but I think I probably made the best choice for my riding needs.

If I could persuade Peter to do the Wine Country bike trip with Backroads this fall, I would, but I have a feeling that it won't happen. So now I am still waiting to hear about Venice and we are still thinking about the Silk Road for next spring. We met another couple on the trip, John and Judy, who are also considering that trip. We all got along well, so taking the trip together might be nice. However, I am still going to look at the Rick Steves' trips and see if there is something that we might take instead.

I need to write about the trip but I don't seem to have the energy right now. Maybe I will put up some pictures later. There were a lot of bikes and I have some good bike pictures. There were a lot of cats and I have some great cat pictures. I also have pictures of camels, with and without Sprite.

Good news, the shoes are finally in. So I will try to stop by the shop tomorrow to make sure they fit and have the cleats put on. One less thing to worry about. Since Peter says that he is not planning to ride my bike any more, I may just have new pedals put on the hybrid too. Then I can ride home using my new shoes.

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