Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's April, so I need to write something

April has been rainy. Just the kind of weather you are supposed to get but that we would rather not have. Fortunately last weekend was nice and I got in a long ride. A group of us rode to Monticello on Saturday. It was a long day but I was glad that I had the chance to get out. This Saturday is not supposed to be nice, so I will have to cycle at the gym. On Sunday I want to watch Paris Roubaix.

I am counting the weeks to the end of the semester. I will be glad to be fully retired again!

The trip to Morocco was good. I would have liked more time in Fez. Maybe we will find a trip some day that concentrates on Fez. In the meantime I have been
accepted for the Venice program and we hope to go to Central Asia in fall 2009.

We saw lots of bikes, even though we didn't get a chance to ride any. But we did ride camels.

My mom is in the intensive care unit at the hospital. We still don't know exactly what is wrong, although it must be a circulation thing. She is fairly aware when lying down but totally out of it when she is sitting up. I hope to hear more from Rich or Mark later but we are going to Krannert tonight, so that might cause some communication problems.

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