Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We leave tomorrow!

With a little help from some crossword blogs, I managed another NYT crossword. This week has been harder than usual for me. It may be that I am just nervous because of the trip and that I am having even more trouble than usual concentrating. Yesterday I did it all myself but Monday I needed a clue since I had a very small section unfinished. Usually Monday is a breeze. Now I will have 18 days without crosswords. But, since my IGO tip for the Nintendo DS Lite arrived, I may take it with me. I can't believe I am traveling with so much equipment. Between all the electronics and my medications, I will have very little room for clothes. Good thing I have finally learned how to pack light.

I had a huge number of errands to do, although I pushed two of them off on Peter--Credit Union and pharmacy. I also canceled my book reading for IRR today. If it had been a news reading, I would have gone. I did do cycling and stretching at the gym this morning and had a session with Bette this afternoon. Now I just need to finish cleaning up the living room and finish packing. The card and check for Cheli are taken care of and the birthday cards for Brian and Ann will go in the mail in the morning.

The snow yesterday meant that everything had to be put off until today. I got totally covered in ice walking to Cafe Luna with Penny after working at Sociology. We met Ruth and had a very nice lunch. Their gnocchi is excellent. Then I stood out in the snow waiting for the bus, which was late as usual. I spent the rest of the day finishing The Damascene Blade by Barbara Cleverly so that it could go back to the library today. Hilde has sent me a couple of mysteries so I have some reading for when we get back. I plan to read Tahir Shah's new book on Morocco on my Sony Reader on the trip. With the Reader, knitting, the DS Lite and the IPod, I shouldn't lack for entertainment. And the itinerary is actually quite busy, so I may not have a lot of time for extra-curricular stuff. We do have some free time but I plan on seeing things and trying out a hammam, somthing I didn't do in Turkey.

Of course I also plan to take a lot of pictures and journal, but the journal will be on paper, as usual. Probably no blog updates unless we find some cheap internet cafes and have some time.

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