Sunday, March 02, 2008

Races, Newspapers, Shopping? and Theater

It's Sunday and Peter has gone off to a stamp show in St. Louis. I have been watching Kurne-Brussels-Kurne on and reading The News-Gazette and The New York Times. I found Mark Bittman's article in the Sunday Styles section about taking a break from electronics for one day a week and how much work it is. I think that going away, like our upcoming trip to Morocco, gives us a chance to do some of that without the trauma. I have found in the past that while I do try to find Internet cafes, I don't tend to watch much tv, even when CNN is available and I don't feel too tethered to much except music. On this trip, however, I will have a lot of electronics including my Sony Reader. I don't see this as addiction to electronics but as a good alternative to bringing a bunch of heavy books. Bringing a small suitcase is definitely an important goal. My journal, however, is the handwritten variety. I have never gotten around to transcribing my journals online.

Now I need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of the day. Isolde seems to be settling in as an only cat but I am sure that she is still adjusting. I do have to usher at Krannert this afternoon for "The Shakespeare Stealer." I have been debating whether or not I want to do any shopping. I got a new jacket and shoes yesterday. I actually had planned to buy some jeans and ended up with the jacket instead. I also have a new pair of Mary Tangora earrings. She is contributing half of the cost to WILL, so it was fortunate that I was coaching the Great Britcom Vote last night. Too bad the popular choice was "Are You Being Served?" Not a favorite of mine. Still, I have been reading more and watching tv less.

The weather is warmer but we are supposed to get rain this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow. Then the temperature will drop some again. My main priority is figuring clothes for the weather in Morocco, which will be different in the various places we go. And I can't take much in my 20" suitcase and day bag.

Once I finish the paper I need to decide whether I can wait to shop for the Brain Challenge game, a few food items, cards for Cheli, Peter and Brian, a birthday present for Brian, and more Vicks cream, which I am sure I will need on the trip. Right now though it is back to the paper and some Baroque music. The bike race is over and Steven de Jonghe from Quick Step was the winner. I won't be around to watch Paris-Nice. Presumably the fight over it by the UCI and ASO will be resolved one way or another before next Sunday but I hope by next Thursday morning since I may not have access to news about it once we leave.

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