Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Monday and it's a nice day

The sun is shining, I didn't need a coat, I worked out at the gym, and now I am sitting in the Sociology Advising Office with not much to do, but I can enjoy the nice weather.

Yesterday a bunch of us went for a ride from Countryside School out to St. Boniface and back. We had one new PCC member, Laura, and the usual suspects besides me--Rich, Sue, Cynthia, and Cliff. David, who is also relatively new was there as well. The wind was stronger than indicated so we had quite a headwind and crosswinds going out. Coming back mostly with a tailwind was wonderful. I managed, for the first time, to ride from my house to the school and back by myself. I wasn't even really nervous so I guess I am getting braver about my riding.

Last night we had a PCC board meeting at Panera but I drove to that.

This afternoon I am having lunch with Peter at Sam's Cafe in downtown Champaign and then I will run some errands. Peter is hoping to go to the Stamp Club tonight and has made arrangements for a ride. I plan to do the Monday night ride from Countryside but I will probably drive this time so I don't have to ride home in the dark. Sue and Rich won't be doing this ride and I don't want to ride by myself on busy streets at night.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow I hope to do both the morning and evening rides and then we are supposed to make signs for the Lincoln ride in September. Carrie wants to start at 6:30 but Sue and I probably won't be there until 8 unless we either give up the ride or it rains.

I spoke with my mom yesterday but I didn't bring up the move to assisted living. She probably doesn't remember that it is going to happen and there is no point in aggravating her over and over.

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