Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad News, Good News

Well, the bad news is that Peter has prostate cancer and it is an aggressive form. The good news is that he has a good chance of a "cure" with surgery. On Monday he will have CT and bone scans. If they look good, then we go to Venice and he has surgery when we come back. If they are not good, well, we won't think about that now.

Google has paid tribute to Tom Lehrer. This is great since Tom Lehrer is one of Peter's heroes. We still listen to his songs, as do many of our friends.

The new bike is on hold for the moment. After the trip to Venice and after Peter has his surgery I will think about bikes again. That doesn't mean I won't be riding, just not getting anything new to ride. The jerseys, on the other hand, are proliferating. I just got a new version of the Lion of Flanders (Cannondale) and my Slipstream jersey should arrive today. I already have the socks and gloves and the arm warmers and bibs will come in a couple of weeks. I am toying with the idea of getting the Pearl Izumi Lion of Flanders jersey too. All this tells me that I need to go to Belgium. I've been to Brussels but I need to go to Bruges.

Mom should go into assisted living in a few weeks. It is sad that she will have to move out of her house but she really needs a level of attention and care that she can't get at home. I only hope that she will adjust quickly.

Hilde sent a great YouTube link about cats. So I have had a few things to brighten my day.

Update: I am still working on the NYT puzzle. I'm farther than I thought I would be for Friday but I also haven't had a lot of time. I met Julie, Carol and Carol's friend Hollis at Strawberry Fields, which was fun. Peter picked me up from there and we did the groceries. Tonight we can watch "For Your Consideration" thanks to Netflix. My Slipstream jersey came today and Trent Lowe is in yellow in the Tour de Georgia. So that's serendipity. Tomorrow should be sunny but windy. I would love to have a ride without wind! But then, I live in central Illinois, so why would I expect that in April.

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