Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Sunday: Liege-Bastogne-Liege

Today started off with the New York Times, News-Gazette and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Valverde won it, with Rebellin second and Frank Schleck third. It was an exciting finish. Too bad that Schleck didn't have the legs for the finish when Andy had set him up so well. But, that's life. On Tuesday the Tour of Romandie begins and the Tour de Georgia ends today. I think that the lack of US media coverage of the Tour de Georgia is a disgrace. Cycling has to be at least as popular as rowing, but the NYT tends to cover cycling mostly when there are drugs scandals going on.

This afternoon I am ushering for "Armide," an opera by Lully. I'm not a great fan of baroque opera, but Heidi said that the performance was really good. I had stopped by Needleworks yesterday to give Matthew his birthday card.

I also finally found green cycling shoes, by Adidas, so I ordered them along with the Pearl Izumi Lion of Flanders jersey and another bag, always hoping that I have finally found the right combination. Getting the right bag that will hold everything, look good, and not weigh a ton has been a frustrating search. I now have a huge number of bags. We may give most of them away at Dump and Run.

A couple of my books have come in at the library and the Donna Leon The Girl of His Dreams and the Andrea Camilleri The Paper Moon finally showed up in the catalog so I have requested them.

Yesterday we watched "For Your Consideration." Definitely not as good as "A Mighty Wind." I need to search Netflix and probably add a few things to the queue.

Tomorrow Peter has the CT and bone scans. We probably won't know the results until Wednesday.

No bike riding today, tomorrow, or Tuesday morning. I hope to go out Tuesday night for the level one ride. Considering that I am trying to lose weight, I am eating way too much junk. Stress eating has always been a problem for me.

I am experimenting with some rye bread. I am hoping that adding a little extra rye flour to the mixture will give a more pronounced rye taste to the bread. I also added a pumpernickel base and a lot of caraway seeds. I will probably bake a loaf tomorrow afternoon or on Tuesday.

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