Monday, April 14, 2008

Mom's Home, Peter's in Surgery

Well, I am now at the Soc office while Peter should be coming out of surgery in the next 15 minutes or so. By the time I get back to Provena, he will probably already be in a room. The doctor wasn't sure if he can come home tomorrow or not. I guess we will see how fast he recovers.

My mom went home on Friday night. She had been severely dehydrated. She hadn't been eating or drinking enough. So now Mark has to decide whether more in-home help will work or whether she will need to be moved somewhere else. I don't think either solution will be attractive to her. I also don't know what this would do to her participation in the drug trial. Presumably I will find out some more sooner or later.

Riding season starts today so I am hoping to do the Monday night ride. The distance isn't an issue and while it may be chilly, it will probably not be windy. Saturday was ridiculous and I only got just under 4 miles in. We had rain, sleet, windy and it was so cold that it took my hands about an hour to warm up. Yesterday I was really sick and didn't leave the house. I think it was the weather changes but I also was trying to go off of my pills. Evidently that isn't going to work. I took everything last night and I slept reasonably well. I don't know if I will be able to get in either ride tomorrow. It all depends on Peter. If I can go tomorrow night, Danda said she would go too. That would be fun. Sue will definitely be there. Tonight will seem strange without Sue or Rich to ride with.

Paris-Roubaix was probably a bigger disappointment for George Hincapie than for me, but I was so sorry to see him lose, mostly because he got two flats and his team car was 24th out of 25 cars. He came in ninth but he really looked strong. Tom Boonen won. It was a really good race and I enjoyed watching it, once I could get online. CyclingTV seems to have server problems every time there is a big race on. They are going to lose subscribers if you can't get on and when they can't get high data streams.

I will have to check with Scott in another week and see if he can order the folder to arrive in early May. I am also waiting to hear more from the institute. I have printed out some journal articles, but I need to know if I should buy any books before we go. I do think that I have the housesitting more or less taken care of.

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