Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Waiting

Still no word about my mom. I really don't want to keep leaving messages for my brothers if I am not going to get any responses. With Peter having surgery on Monday, I don't want to hear on Sunday that I have to go to Phoenix right away. I hope I hear something later today.

Tonight we are having the final couch potato dinner before the start of the cycling season. Today has turned out to be fairly nice if a bit windy. Maybe I should have ridden my bike in since tomorrow is supposed to be bad. You just never know with the weather these days. On the other hand, the wind does seem kind of strong, so maybe taking the bus was a better option.

I needed a lot of help with the NYT crossword puzzle today. I needed a little help yesterday but today I was stumped by most of it. Thank goodness for other blogs by more expert solvers. I hope I get better with time. I can do ok through Wednesday most of the time and I don't usually have to look things up. By Thursday things are dicey and Friday and Saturday are bad. Sunday depends on the puzzle. Some work out better than others.

I am still putting away money for the folding bike. I think Scot can order it in another week or two. I really need to get all the money stuff worked out. I am also trying to plan for Venice. The book thing is the big problem right now. It turns out that Michael Shapiro, who is retired from English, is also going to be in the NEH group. I need to look at the e-mail list when I get home and try to figure out who else is going to be there. If I need to order books, I want to do it soon. I have a group in my shopping cart on Amazon that I think will be enough, especially with the journal articles I have.

Well, now I am just waiting for the next student to show up.

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