Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yet Another Project Idea

I have decided that a good project might be to put together a
documentary history of travelers' writings from the late medieval and
early modern period. I can't believe I've gone from no academic
projects to three projects. And I would still like to do something
with Daubeney and Honor Lisle. Perhaps just an article and then if I
could do some work on Somerset I might be able to finally revise the
book. All this is without doing anything substantial on the cultural
exchange project!

I guess the next step is to try to create some timelines and also
think about conferences, research trips, and funding. I may want to
live in England for a while and also in Venice.

I know Peter would like to do a Danube cruise and I would like to do
the Po River one as well as at least one biking trip. A barge and bike
vacation in the Low Countries and something else would be good. I
would also love to spend more time in Morocco and take a trip through
southern Spain. Central Asia is still a possibility as is another trip
to Turkey. The Silk Road still beckons and Peter may still want to go
to Mongolia.

Peter is probably going to hate at least some of this. Of course
nothing happens until he is reasonably well or at least stable in
terms of treatment.

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