Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday I started the great book cataloging project. With the Book
Collector software the actual cataloging is going pretty easily. The
rearrangement of the library, especially deciding what goes in the
study and what in the basement will be more difficult. And cataloging
the journal articles will be worse. I haven't decided how to do that

I also need to do something about my knitting. I haven't made anything
in so long and I have a large number of unfinished projects. I need to
catalog the books, equipment, yarn and projects. I guess I will be
looking for a software solution there too.

But the creation of good storage space for both is also necessary. And
I want to have our old pictures digitized now that David Pogue has
written up a good service. I should get the VHS tapes converted too.

We need some house repairs and enhancements and we have been getting
people to work on the yard. Ann Mester found a cleaner for us.

After we know how things are going for Peter, we want to make some
travel plans including visiting my mom at The Terraces in Phoenix. She
seems settled in, which is a relief.

Too many things and not enough time and money. So blogging instead?
Yeah well . . .

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