Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yet another update

Peter saw the radiation oncologist last week and he is scheduled to
start radiation therapy on Sept. 9. Today he had a bunch of blood
tests and saw his urologist and medical oncologist. We didn't
really learn much more. He has a CT scan Thursday and probably an
MRI on the following Wednesday, both for proper positioning for the

Next Monday he sees Dr. Joel Picus at Barnes. I looked him up on the
web and he seems to be one of the leading researchers in new
therapies for prostate cancer. After he sees Peter he will consult
with the doctors here on appropriate treatment. He is doing some
clinical trials but we don't know whether they are suitable for
Peter. At least he made the 2007 list of the best doctors in the US
and he is a U of I grad.

So that's all the news from C-U, where we all live in a swamp
surrounded by soybeans and corn and we're all above average (just
kidding--at least kind of about the swamp).

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