Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Much Information?

Well, we now know a lot more about radiation therapy. Peter will start his on Sept. 9. He has a CT scan next week and hopefully an MRI the following week. The latter will depend on whether Personal Care will approve it. He should be done with the radiation around the end of October. We are hoping he doesn't have any of the nasty side effects. But the doctor felt from the pathology report that it was important to start right away.

Leslie cleaned for the first time and the house looks a lot cleaner. She will do the carpeting when we are in St. Louis on Sept. 8. Even if she can't get all the stains out, it will look better.

The bad thing is the amount I am spending on books. I hope that the book collecting will be over soon. I still probably need a few things and some Richard III stuff as well as the Venice stuff. But the amount spent is astronomical--not as much as a high-end bike but high enough.

I still have a lot of stuff to finish up but I am slowly making headway. Wish I could say the same about Italian. I got a flashcard app today so I am going to try to create some flashcards and see if that helps with vocabulary and verb conjugations.

Tomorrow, Monday and later in the week I am planning to do some serious bike riding. I really would like to get up to 1000 miles this year. Not much compared to last year but then nothing this year is like last year.

Spritz and chips seems to be my new diet. Not very healthy!

Ralph's edited book on Rawdon Brown arrived today. Looks very interesting, once I have time to read it.

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