Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holidays Come Early This Year

Today I sent out our annual holiday letter. Not only was it earlier than usual but Peter wrote most of it and it didn't come from the cats. So of course it was not filled with usual feline references. But then this was not a totally fun year and we have no resident cats.

The letter went out via e-mail to a much larger group than usual. We sent five of regular mail, only to those where we didn't have e-mail addresses or like my mom don't have e-mail.

There is snow on the ground. It was sunny today but there was a beauty really early yesterday morning seeing heavy snow on branches and covering the grass. Mettler has a tree up and the lights shining against the semidarkness and reflecting off the lake and the snow was beautiful.

Tomorrow is my talk on Richard III for OLLI. I will be interested to see how many people show up and whether I can give a talk with just notes.

Venice suffered a major Aqua Alta and a vaporetto strike. One time I was glad not to be there! A few weeks ago a piece of a building on the Calle dei Frezzaria fell and hit a Swiss tourist. And to think that Peter and I walked there every day for five weeks while we lived on the Piscina dei Frezzaria. I guess we were lucky nothing happened while we were there.

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