Friday, January 16, 2009

Revising Woes

Today I decided to modify the picture at the top of the blog and do few other changes. This ended up being hours of work. I ended up changing the template and that messed up the HTML for the "read more" function. Eventually I found the reference to the helpful blog site that lets really non-tech idiots manage to make these things work. Thank you all the people who participate on the help forum.

Afterwards I turned off my computer with relief and did errands. Thanks to Schnuck's, I could then eat sushi with a gelato chaser after I got home from the grocery store. Both the credit union and the grocery store had computer glitches. Evidently this is my day for that.

This afternoon I have an OLLIE travel committee meeting and tonight the couch potatoes go to Siam Terrace.

Yesterday I bought the tickets for the Charles the Bold exhibition in Bruges. Tomorrow I will work on my NEH stuff from Venice to send to Murray. Most just needs to be turned into PDFs and printed but I have the bio to write and the bibliography to work on. Then I need to start working on the OLLIE lecture on the Venerian Ghetto.

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  1. Sushi with a gelato chaser. Incredible.