Monday, January 05, 2009

Jury Duty Starts Today

Today I had my first experience of jury duty. I actually saw people I knew. I suppose that isn't so surprising. In the morning we got an orientation. I got called back for the afternoon. We sat around a lot, which we had been told would happen. I was interviewed for a trial but then excused. You never know the reason. I have to go back tomorrow so we shall see what happens then. In the meantime I managed to go to the Heel to Toe sale where I bought shoes and a purse (full price) and a New Balance jacket on sale. I had some of the best lentil soup ever at Crane Alley.

Tomorrow is supposed to be colder with the possibility of snow showers. Yuck. I have to take the bus again so I need to wear my warmer coat.

Peter took Sybil to the vet today. He couldn't find Figaro to get him into his carrier so he will try again on Thursday.

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