Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Second Day of Jury Duty

Yesterday I spent much of the day at the courthouse but my number wasn't called. So I got to leave around 2 pm.

Today I didn't need to go in and I don't have to go tomorrow either. I spent the morning shopping and then Peter and I had lunch at Houlihan's. I have spent most of the afternoon working on computer stuff including fixing the blog entries. I still have a lot to do there. I wasted a bunch of time on the website without accomplishing much of anything.

Tomorrow will be busy. I am hoping to get to the gym although I am tired all the time. I think my sinus problems are really slowing me down and keeping me in a state of constant exhaustion. Anyway, tomorrow we have to take Figaro to the vet. Then I will go to the Illinois Radio Reader and meet Peter at the library since Leslie will be coming to clean. I am planning to go see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with Zarina tomorrow afternoon. Then I can cap it all off with a call to see if I have to go the last day of jury duty on Friday.

Yesterday my books came from Brepols and I had inadvertently ordered one by mistake so I had to send it back today. The one on Fra Mauro has a CD I can't play because you need Windows. So I will have to install Windows on my Mac. I have been putting it off but Peter would really like to have me stop using his Lenovo for my Sony Reader software anyway. I am consulting with Sue about it since she has Windows installed on her MacBook.

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