Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coffee, Tea and Me

So a report says that drinking regular coffee can reduce the chance of strokes in women. I drink a lot of coffee, very strong too, so that is good news for me. On the other hand, vitamins may be worthless, in which case I can save some money by not buying them. Antioxidents may kill off too many free radicals and scientists now think some radicals should be free. What to believe?

Green tea is still one of my staples so I guess I will continue to kill off (or perhaps mop up sounds better or more humane) some free radicals. Certainly I am not going to stop drinking tea or eating berries. Not that scientific reports have suggested that. Some suggestions have been made that the health claims for chocolate are overrated or just inflated. I don't care. Chocolate is one of my most important food groups.

Spent some time watching the cyclists being battered by rain in California. Versus didn't want to disappoint the NHL fans so cut off coverage at 6 , even though the race was still going on. Viewers were told to watch the finish on their website but they obviously weren't really prepared to make a quick shift so after a few tries I watched the finish on Cycling.tv. No Phil and Paul but I got to listen to Magnus Backstedt instead of Craig Hummer, which was fine with me.

I have a writing assignment for next week plus a bunch of academic type projects to work on, so whining will probably start again.

We watched "Marie Antoinette" tonight. We both felt it was so-so. At least we didn't pay movie theater prices. Seeing "The Pink Panther 2" yesterday made us laugh even if it wasn't a great movie. Laughter helps the mediocre along. "Marie Antoinette" used shopping, mostly shoes and trees, instead. That wasn't too effective for me although my guess is that we weren't really the demographic Sofia Coppola was going for. As for "The Pink Panther," Steve Martin is at least adequate. And I like Jean Reno. Seeing Johnny Hallyday in his cameo was a bonus.

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