Monday, February 16, 2009

No Whining Today

So I started the day in cycling class (spinning for you gym rats, but my gym calls it cycling). That usually lifts my mood, even if it means I don't really get enough sleep. Then I sat around drinking coffee and talking about Illinois politics with a couple of other members. I was hoping that Illinois politics would be out of the national news for a while, at least until the Blago trial. Of course now we have more Roland Burris stuff. Yuck. Mike Sola found a great story on the Christian Science Monitor site. Ok, one whine, the coffee was bad. So I came home and made espresso with my Bialetti. That was good.

Came home and worked on the computer, read the paper, and watched yesterday's stage of the Tour of California. Then after a really healthy lunch of Synergy and Beets and Sweets, Peter and I went to our second movie in two days. Yesterday we saw "Milk," which was excellent and serious and today we saw "The Pink Panther 2," which was silly and fun. Silly and fun was just what we wanted.

I also decided to try my hand at doing some six-word memoirs. That was a challenge. Now I'm blogging so I don't have to work on study group readings for a group that may or may not happen. I will probably try to finish The Writing Class and maybe work on the study group while watching today's stage. It would be nice to actually see a stage on the right day for a change. Probably won't happen tomorrow.

The car now has had its oil change and inspection and the tires are at the right pressure again. We are waiting to hear from the body shop or the insurance company about getting the damage repaired. Even a small thing, like these scrapes, seem to be very expensive to fix.

Facebook is definitely something that sucks up time. And I can't believe I have so many friends (of course Facebook friends are not all close friends). I have found another relative too. I don't know why that has become important. Maybe because I am not very close to my family. Probably my fault as much as anyone else's fault but life is what it is.

I keep thinking about teaching abroad again or planning a research project so that we could live abroad for a while. I would like to get back to Giles Daubeney and live in Somerset for a bit. And I would like to do a project involving Venice. The two would probably mean living somewhere else for an extended period and I don't know that Peter really wants to do that right now. The teaching would be much shorter term but he is even less enthusiastic about taking students again and with this economy, getting students to go on a summer study abroad program would be tough, especially since I don't have a campus presence any more.

Lots of ideas, so I am feeling relatively cheerful. Guess I will just have to see what works out.

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