Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is This a Good Day? Not Sure Yet

Yesterday was pretty good. I took my road bike in and got fitted and it is getting a spring tune-up. Now if we just get spring I can look forward to riding again. The bike fit was great because I definitely needed some changes. So I should have a more comfortable ride this year.

I'm not so sure today would be classified as good. It was foggy and drizzly this morning. When you are waiting around for buses, that isn't fun. The sun seems to be coming out a bit now. The bad part is that Peter hasn't had the best day and that spills over on me. Getting the car repaired is more of a hassle than we had thought it would be, although things are being worked out. We can take it in on Wednesday and we get a rental car through the insurance while it is being fixed. So that will be ok.

Peter also needs to upgrade his computer and that is getting to be more of a problem. He needs a new hard drive and Central Stores is not being helpful. Buying it is no problem. Getting it installed and stuff transferred over is going to be a pain. I may suggest that he buy the drive and then have Cites put it in. He also needs to buy MS Office 2007, cheaper through Cites than Central Stores. So we will see how all that goes. In the meantime he is off to do other things and I hope it will put him in a happier mood. He will be in St. Louis at a stamp show tomorrow, so that should make things better. He loves to go to stamp shows.

My bike should be finished later today but there really isn't any rush. I don't think I will ride it soon. Still too cold for me.

I hope that we can see "Dancing with Bashir" this weekend and maybe go out for lunch or dinner. We sent back "Get Smart" today, so we will probably get another movie on Saturday.

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