Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh No, It's Snowing Again

I have been playing around with the computer, updating our spreadsheet, posting article links to Facebook, reading e-mail. I just looked out the window and we have snow. I was so hopeful at 5:30 that maybe we wouldn't get much if any, but it is coming down pretty steadily at the moment. Vincent Trouth says some flurries are coming down and some are sticking, but that is Urbana and the studio has no windows. It looks like more than just a few flurries to me. We are supposed to get less than an inch but fairly high winds. I hope that Julie and Carol can still make it up from Charleston.

WILL FM was just playing Gabrielli, nice. Early music and a reminder of Venice, where it is probably not snowing.

The pendant that Mary Tangora made me is gorgeous. It goes really well with the earrings. I don't know why I waited so long to have this done. It must be at least three years.

Only Sue, Peter and I went to the Couch Potato dinner last night. I think Mexican may not be really popular at the moment. On the other hand, people may want to eat out less with the current economy. At least in our group. Dos Reales was doing a very good business. Mexican is not my favorite, and with only the three of us, I would have been happy to go on to an Asian restaurant.

Are the antibiotics working? Don't know yet, but I still feel crummy. Time to bring the portable humidifier downstairs and read the paper. This afternoon I will watch the penultimate stage of the Tour of California. Levi Leipheimer looked great yesterday. I was hoping George Hincapie would be on the podium for the time trial but he came in 6th. Still, he got the most courageous rider jersey. Go George!

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