Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Just In

The mail just came with a small envelope from my rheumatologist. She had me tested for Vitamin D deficiency and evidently I have it. So now I need to find out more about it since I will be taking a huge dose for 8 weeks and then a smaller dose forever after that, I guess. I always thought it caused rickets and it does. But fortunately I don't have rickets.

My initial search makes Vitamin D deficiency sound as if it causes most of the ills of the world. I don't know about that. But evidently it can contribute to problems with pain and fibromyalgia and I have all that. I also have fatigue and I found a blog that addressed that issue in terms of Vitamin D deficiency called Fighting Fatigue. That had a lot of information, although I am not sure how much to believe, being a great skeptic of web information. The article is about a year old, so things may have moved on since then. So I also checked out WebMD, which I think my health clinic approves of. At least they get the associated magazine. There is a lot of information on their website. A lot of it is on osteoporosis, which she doesn't seem too worried about so my guess is that it is pain and fatigue. Anyway, I will see what happens with the supplements.

We had a little snow today although it is gone now. But it is fairly cold and kind of windy. We do have sun but I am not going to sit outside and freeze to try to get more Vitamin D.

The broadcast of the Tour of California, stage 5, is on now, so I have that on. I also went over to Jennifer North, which just reopened at Old Farm and got some Rubens Chocolate. Yum. Tonight is the Champaign County Bikes meeting with dinner beforehand at the Esquire. Personally I'd rather go somewhere like Kopi, but it wasn't my choice.

My to-do list went down some, but things always come back or get added. And I have been putting off things like writing and working on projects. I really need to do that but instead I am going to do the saline rinse again (this is getting so tedious) and set up the humidifier again since it feels pretty dry in the house again.

We are hoping the piano tuner will be able to come tomorrow.

Update: The Vitamin D capsules are one a week for eight weeks, not one every day.

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