Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Out and About Most of the Day

Today was an out and about day, although it did not start out as I had planned. I was supposed to have a dentist appointment and as usual I was early. Since they weren't open, I sat in the car and waited. Eventually, a little before 8, I went up to the door. Imagine my surprise to find that the dentist is out of the country and my appointment had been canceled. The hygenist who was there told me that the receptionist had tried to contact me. I don't believe they made much of an effort since we do have an answering machine and there is always the possibility of sending a card in the mail. In addition, Peter has been there two weeks in a row. So I was not too happy. There was no point in making a fuss, so I just made a new appointment.

That event meant that I got to OLLI early. Leslie was coming to clean at 8 so going home was not a possibility. I arrived at OLLI before 8:30, which is when Brenda comes in. So I had to wait for her since the door to the library/lounge is locked up at the end of the day. Once she came in I spent time working on the computer until it was time for class. We learned about the Getty Kouros today. It was very interesting. I had no idea what a kouros was. The experts are split on whether it is a really great piece of ancient Greek sculpture or a really great fake. The fact that the provenance documents are forgeries doesn't help at all but of course makes the whole thing look suspicious when it might just be illegally exported.

Peter and I went to lunch at Houlihan's with Ann and Jenifer, which was very nice. Then I went back for the Memoir Writing class. I still haven't finished writing the witness essay but we won't get to it until next week so I have a reprieve. I got my "16" essays back but I haven't read the comments yet.

I came home after class and let Peter come back by bus. I am really tired since I didn't sleep well. After reading the paper and doing Facebook stuff, I got ready for the sleep test. I am packed and ready to go but I still have some time. I am feeling queasy, which is probably nerves. I don't know why I should be nervous about this, but that's just me. I should get home in time for Peter to get to Tatmans at 8 for the car repair. We will have a loaner for a couple of days.

And so endeth this missive.

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