Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

I am all about stuff. I love stuff. I have a lot of it. And although I am always complaining we have too much and we need to get rid of stuff, I don't seem to be able to actually clear out much stuff. Instead, I just keep adding more. Oh, and seeing more that I want. Like last night. I have a lot of cycling jerseys, both practical ones and a couple of copies of vintage wool ones that you just wear around to look cool. So last night, when I saw Geoff in his really cool copy of a vintage jersey, I really wanted it. It's the one in the middle. What else would you expect. Fortunately for my closet and my bank balance it is spring and they are sold out. Maybe Woolistic will make them again next winter. By then I may have forgotten unless I see Geoff in his again.

Then there are the books. I have pretty much given up buying new novels, mysteries, etc. even though I realize, as an aspiring author, that authors need to eat. But I get those books from the library. Instead I buy really expensive scholarly books that don't bring in a dime for their authors, usually, although they do help with promotion, tenure, and raises. You might argue that those are the books that I should be getting from the library but those are the ones I keep and that libraries don't buy as often any more if some other library has it, and they are the books that go missing just when I request them and have to be obtained for a week or two from some obscure library on another continent. I have a long list of books that I want. And new ones get added all the time, partly because new ones come out and partly because I find out about books I should have known about before. Then again, my research area keeps shifting ever so slightly, making the acquisition of new books essential.

Bikes are a different story for now at any rate. I have three. The one below is my Dahon Mu P24. I love it. In fact, I rode it yesterday. If Peter ever decides he wants to ride around town with me, which I would like, then we would have four. But unless something happens to one of my bikes, I don't expect to buy another one until I need a Twike or something.

If I had lots of money I would probably redo the whole house, inside and out, although if we went to all that trouble and had that kind of money it would probably be more logical to do a little fixing and sell the house and buy something else. I would like to live within walking distance of downtown and campus and have a yard with easy-care, nice looking landscape, and an interior with better storage so the stuff all had a place and looked neat and everything was easy to find. None of that will ever happen. But that's what dreams are for. Because, while Erasmus spent his money on books, and if he had any left, he spent it on food (one reason he always wanted court positions so someone would feed him for free), when we get enough money together, we travel. And I wouldn't have it any other way, no matter how much stuff you offered me instead.

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