Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Indulge in Something Else

I love indulging, but not in cars. Lots of other stuff is more interesting than either a Prius or an Escalade.

If I had the money not to be sensible, I would have a really expensive custom-built bicycle. Cars are not my thing. But if I have to choose a car, the Prius, while still too expensive for someone happy with her Ford Focus (except for the color, why is it that so many cars are silver?), would be my choice. Why spend money on gas when there are so many other interesting in things in the world like travel, books, bikes, neat bike jerseys, more yarn than I can use in a lifetime, toys for my cats, the list is endless. The Escalade is more than indulgent. The gold rims yell look at me. Who cares? If what you enjoy is making an impression, ok get the gold rims. Although the same can be said for some Prius owners too. They can exude self-righteous and smug. If there were a good, inexpensive small hybrid, I might trade in the Focus, assuming that a bike rack would fit on the back. But for indulgence, give me lots of exciting trips and that titanium bike with a couple of retro wool cycling jerseys. Oh, and throw in some really really good dark chocolate, preferably from Belgium. You can send me to Bruges to get it!

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