Thursday, April 09, 2009

Felines Are Admirable

I was not specific since I have had many cats, Licorice, Monte, Isolde, Leonore, and Agatha to name a few. The current cats are Figaro and Sybil. This could describe any of them.

My Cats
I know, they aren't people. But think about it. My cats never worry. They always have fun. They get me up early to feed them. When they want attention, they pester me until they get it. When they don't want attention, they go under a piece of furniture so I can't bother them. They can sleep anywhere. They are always happy. I would love to be like that. In allowing us to be their companions (or perhaps slaves would be more accurate), they make the world a little happier place as long as you don't have cat allergies.

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